English Tutorial Class

To cope with the rapid expansion and stay competitive and connected with overseas clients, Xiamen Fashion offers English tutorial classes to staffs that are less strong in foreign languages. The tutorial classes are hold in different session each week, with basic and advance level tutors interact and offer English language skills to staffs after office hours.

Team Building Programme

Team spirit is the core value of Xiamen Fashion. Each team works closely with each other to create a synergy that builds creativity and motivation within the company. Every October, Xiamen Fashion will host high energy team building challenges that bring out different learning objectives. Teams are mixed into various roles that are different with their normal working environment. These competition heats up as teams see how the other teams are performing when they tackled the same challenge. The aim is to train up elite talents that could cope with the emerging market and to deal with daily challenges that we all face at work.

Staff Development Platform

Through the internal training and development, to inspire and enlighten new recruits, Xiamen Fashion uses internal mentors from different teams to coach new recruits, to train and support the individuals towards the achievement of those goals and ends. Staffs are also given the opportunity to switch between departments as management trainee, to inspire each individual to achieve the best of one’s talents. As overseas clients play a main role to business, staffs are given the opportunity to travel overseas on a regular basis. Each team could have the chance to meet and greet with overseas clients, to learn from different culture and to enlighten oneself for better work experience.


Lace designer | Number of recruits : 1 [2018-06-29]

Job responsibilities and job requirements:

I. Job requirements:

1. Men and women are not limited. College degree or above;

2. Solid hand-painted foundation, art major is preferred;

3. More than 2 years experience in lace/lace/embroidery/printing design;

II. Job responsibilities:

1. Grasp the market trend in time, conduct market research, and be responsible for the development of fashionable and fashionable company lace products;

2. Maintain contact and communication with customers, understand and grasp customers'needs and preferences in a timely manner, and establish and constantly improve customer information.

3. Be responsible for the artistic design of new product development, and draw up some color matching schemes for reference and selection.

4. Be responsible for the production of artistic effect drawings required by customers, and assist technicians to complete the punching of paperboard, etc.

III. Pre-tax annual salary: 100,000-500,000

Fourth, special post benefits: at least 2 market visits in Europe, America and other countries every year.

Process Technician-Transformer | Number of recruits : 1 [2018-12-24]

Job responsibilities and job requirements:

I. Job requirements:

1. Men and women are not limited. College degree or above;

2. Skillful use of daily office software and process software;

3. Be responsible and enthusiastic.

II. Job responsibilities:

1. Master the development trend of lace products industry in time, master and update process design technology in time;

2. To be responsible for the analysis and production of various types of passenger samples, to provide various types of machine parameters for lace production department, and to guide the machine modification operation;

3. Be responsible for the consumption accounting of standard materials for each lace product of various models, and provide basis for the quotation of lace sales department.

III. Pre-tax annual salary: 100,000-200,000

Graphic Designer | Number of recruits : 1人 [2019-01-31]

I. Job Responsibilities & Requirements:

1. Men and women are not limited, college degree or above;

2, 2 years or more related working experience in packaging design;

3. Design majors such as packaging design and visual communication are preferred.

4. Proficiency in CDRPSAIID and other design software.

II. Post Duties

1. Responsible for promoting the design and packaging of sample books;

2. Responsible for the production of sample books;

3. Be responsible for color matching of samples.

4. Complete other assignments.

III. Pre-tax annual salary of 70,000-80,000

Electrical Engineer/Equipment Engineer | Number of recruits : 1人 [2019-01-31]

Job Responsibilities & Requirements:

I. Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical engineering, 22-35 years old, Male preferred

2, 1-2 years working experience, familiar with warp knitting equipment is preferred.

II. Post Duties

1. Inspection of equipment: Inspection of equipment of each machine and its daily inspection, maintenance and maintenance;

2. Maintenance of equipment: responsible for the maintenance of mechanical and electrical faults of machine equipment;

3. Equipment Management: Analysis of Fault Causes and Improvement of Equipment Maintenance Plan

4. Safety protection; abide by the provisions of the workshop, implement the standards of each process, and prevent and eliminate any safety accidents.

3. Pre-tax annual salary: 60,000-150,000

Weaving Technician / truck driver / apprentice | Number of recruits : 5 [2018-08-29]

Job responsibilities and job requirements:

I. Job requirements:

1. No limitation, high school or vocational education or above, age 18-40, visual acuity 1.0 or more;

2. Adapt to shifts.

welcome the graduating students

II. Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the operation of production equipment;

2. Inspecting production equipment to deal with product defects in time to ensure product quality;

3. Familiar with production process, standardize operation and maintain production equipment;

4. Record production data and feedback abnormal production conditions.

III. Development space and treatment:

During the internship period of 1 or 2 months, new employees provide professional pre-job training and one-to-one mentor guidance.

Reference salary 3000 yuan/month-3500 yuan/month;

2. Regular and irregular organization of professional training and technical assessment, regardless of seniority, attaches great importance to ability and performance, and salary and benefits increase with the improvement of technical level:

3-6 months 1 level technician (responsible for 1 set) salary 4300 yuan/month = basic salary 2000 + performance salary 1300 + night shift subsidy 1000

7-12 months technicians (responsible for 2 sets) salary 5300 yuan/month = basic salary 2000 + performance salary 1300 + night shift subsidy 1000 + more than 1000 subsidy

13-18 months 3-level technician (responsible for 3 sets) salary 6300 yuan/month = basic salary 2000 + performance salary 1300 + night shift subsidy 1000 + more than 2000 subsidy

19-24 months 4-level technician (responsible for 4 sets) salary 8200 yuan/month = basic salary 2000 + performance salary 1300 + night shift subsidy 1000 + more than 3900 subsidy

3. Workshop/team leader salary 7000 yuan/month = basic salary 2500 + performance salary 2000 + night shift subsidy 1000 + Post Subsidy 1500

4. The salary of workshop supervisor or manager is 8000 yuan/month-10000 yuan/month.

5. Excellent performers are sent to Karmeyer China College for training.

Note: This position needs to study and work in Xiamen General Factory for one year. The salary for the first six months is 3000-4100 yuan/month, and the salary for the next six months is 4100 yuan/month-5300 yuan/month. After the completion of our Nanping Production Base, we will return to Nanping to work immediately.

Fourth, we provide you with:

1. New students can provide residence and archives in Xiamen.

2. Pay five insurance (pension, ...

Product inspection | Number of recruits : 10 [2018-08-29]

Job requirements.

    Education requirements:  gender requirements for junior high school,  Female

   Job description: full time recruitment, no limit.

    Location: Jimei District, Xiamen

 Job Responsibilities & Requirements:

  One. Job requirements:

   1. Junior high school or above;

   2, no myopia color blindness, can adapt to overtime;

   3. More than one year relevant work experience.

 Two. Responsibilities:

    1. Conduct product inspection according to the inspection standards.

    2. Record of test results and feedback of abnormal quality.

    3, check the 6S work of equipment.

  Three, pre tax annual salary: 40 thou...

lathe operator | Number of recruits : 20 [2018-07-17]

1. Qualification:

1. Junior high school (including) or above;

2, work hard, diligent, can actively cooperate with the work arrangement;

3 or more than two years experience in garment sewing.

Two. Post duties:

1. Timely completion of garment sewing work according to the supervisor's arrangement.

2, ensure the quality of sewing.